About A&P Management

As a CEO of a company located in Slovakia and with excellent contacts to European Union, 
private company of Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Austria Republic.

  • It was a key vision of the founders of A&P Mr. Aref Sajadi and Mr. Peter Feranec is a follows:

  • 1. The goal of the A&P is the support of development aid for the benefit of impoverisched Iran and Afghan population and if necessary, also of remedial actions in favour of refugees in neighbouring states of Iran and Afghanistan, further the participation in the reconstruction of Iran and Afghanistan in material, cultural and arts regard.
  • 2. The A&P is independent and politically neutral. The help is granted regardless of race, religion, gender and political affiliation.
  • 3. The purpose of the statute is in particular realized by
        – Support of training programs in the state and private sectors to allow in this manner better   perspectives for the future.
        – Accelerated organization of projects around the knowledge transfer for various professional guilds and state employees in Iran and Afghanistan.

  • We have been working for several years in Iran and Afghanistan,
    with some big Companies in areas:
  • Transportation, Technology, Refineries, Power Plants, Petrochemical and chemical industry and railway vehicles and railway infrastructure, Hospital Engineering & Equipment Planning.
  • Organization of projects to:
  • Help to the construction or reconstruction of schools and public or social equipment.
  • Mediate sponsorships for destitute pupils, above all orphans; organization of school sponsorships.
  • Promote the friendly relations between the EU countries and Iran and Afghanistan.