Our Partners from EU

  • Skoda Transportation - Supplier rail, electric locomotives, e-buses, tram, trolleybus, metro.
  • Wikov Industry a.s. - Wikov Gear are both companies specializing in design and manufacture of industrial gearboxes and gearboxes for railway vehicles and special vehicles.
  • Omniaklf - Heat production and distribution, supply and distribution of electrical energy, supply, distribution of gas, road freight transportation, performance of transport on track.
  • Dako - Production DAKO pneumatic brake system for locomotives, railway passenger and freight cars, suburb units and metro cars.
  • Bonowi International Police Equipment Company - Since 1987, the international brand BONOWI stands for professional equipment by police and military.
  • BKM - Trolleybus, Tramcar, Fire fighting vehicle, Sanitary engineering, Hybrid bus, Special offer.
  • KMP - Industrial Buildings, Public Structures, Flat Buildings, Roads, Railways and lnfrastructure.
  • Zelpo - Seamtess tubes, Precision seamless tubes, Cut and bent tubes, Tube fittings, Welded tubes, Con cast steel blooms.
  • Luxorka Roads, Railways and lnfrastructure.
  • Est Stage - for manufacturing and assembly of the scenic technology.
  • Ginzler - Water treatment, Water engineering, Steel&machinery construction, Plastics - (for manufacturing and assembly of the scenic technology).
  • Sprecher Automation - Provides a complete service package including run-up consulting, planning, development, engineering, documentation manufacturing, on-site installation, commissioning and operator training.
  • AME - Health System Studies, Project Development/Feasibility Studies, Straegic Business Consulting, Hospital Engineering & Equipment Planning.
  • EST Parking Control - Automatic parking system offers an extremely wide range of application.
  • VAE CONTROLS Group - Design and implement technologies and control systems for flammable and Dexplosive liquids intake, storage and loading, pipe-line transport, custody transfer, blending and additive dosing.
  • Tatravagonka - Presently ranks among the most important producers of rail freight vehicles and bogies in Europe.
  • Kinex Bearings - is a company dealing production of rolling bearings for different segments of industry EUROVIA, formerly Road and Railway Constructions, belongs to the most significant construction companies in Europe.
  • Vahostav Company - Vahostav is a company that focuses on four areas of construction activities, namely the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, motorway infrastructure and railway corridors.


  • The Land

  • Iran (officially The Islamic Republic of Iran) is a vast country in southwest Asia. Covering a surface area of 1,648,195 square kilo meters, it is bordered by Iraq (1,609 km) on the west, Turkey (486 km) on the northwest, the Republics of Armenia, Azarbaijan, Turkmanistan (all parts of the former Soviet Union), as well as the Caspian Sea (2,670 km) on the north, Afghanistan (945 km) on the east, Pakistan (978 km) on the southeast, the Persian Gulf (1,259 km) and the Sea of Oman (748 km) on the south. The Persian Gulf is the shallow marginal part of the Indian Ocean that lies between the Arabian Peninsula and the southwest Iran. The sea has an area of 240,000 square kilometers from the Arvand Rud (Shatt ol-Arab) delta to the Strait of Hormoz, which links it with the Sea of Oman. Its linear length is 900 km, and its width varies from a maximum of 338 km to minimum of 55 km in the Strait of Hormoz. It is bordered on the north, northeast and east by Iran, on the northwest by Iraq and Kuwait, on the west and southwest by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and on the south and the southeast by the United Arab Emirates and partly by Oman.
  • The Sea of Oman opens into the Arabian Sea. It was generally thought that the gulf extended farther north and that sediment dropped by the Tigris, Euphrates, Karun, and Karkheh rivers filled the northern part of the gulf to create a great delta. But geologic investigation now indicates that the coastline has not moved and that the marshlands of the delta represent a sinking of the earth's crust as the Arabian land block pushes under Iran.

  • The Islands

  • Regardless of Bahrain as the largest island which belonged to Iran until the early second half of the 20th century, Iran has the largest number of islands in the Persian Gulf, the most important of which are as follows: Minoo, Kharg (Iranian oil terminal, 6 km long, 3 km wide, site of one of the world's largest deep-water oil ports, and linked to the mainland by a 40-km pipeline), Sheikh Sa'ad, Sheikh Sho'ayb, Hendurabi, Kish (largest island of Iran in the Strait of Hormoz, 1,300 sq. km), Farur, Siri, Abu Mussa, the Greater and Lesser Tumbs, Qeshm, Hengam, Larak, Farsi, Hormoz, and Lavan. The most significant Iranian ports on the Persian Gulf are Abadan, Khorramshahr, Bandar-e Imam Khomeini (former Shahpur), Mahshahr, Deilam, Genaveh, Rig, Bushehr, Bandar-e Lengeh, and Bandar-e Abbas.
  • The Rivers

  • Several rivers are flowing inside Iranian mainland, the only navigable one of which is the Karun (920-km). Other large rivers are: The Atrak (535 km), Dez (515 km), Hendijan (488 km), Jovein (440 km) Jarahi (438 km), Karkheh (755 km), Mand (685 km), Qara Chai (540 km), Sefid Rud (795 km), and the Zayandeh Rud (405 km). During the summertime, there is little water flowing in the mainland rivers. However, water flows underground, finding its outlets in subterranean water canals (locally called qanats), springs, and tapped by wells.
  • The Mountains

  • The high Alborz range in the north, the Zagros range in the west and southwest as well as the eastern mountains of Iran, which surround the Iranian Plateau, provide Iran with a ruggedly mountainous terrain. According to 1992 census, some 33, 137,567 or 57.3% of the total population were living in cities and towns, while 24,972,660 or 42.97% were either living in rural areas or migrating.

Our Partners from Iran

  • Mapna Group - is an Iranian enterprise which operates in the area of construction and development of thermal power plants under EPC scheme, independent power plants (IPP), oil and gas as well as rail traction projects.
  • Bendis International Trade INC. - Is an energy company based in Istanbul, Turkey specialzing in Oil Products, Gas, Petrochemical and Electricity.
  • Petro Tandis CompanyTandis Group is an International Oil Consultant with Offices in the UK, Ireland, Azerbajian, Switzerland and Spain.
  • AURING Trading CompanyAuriga energy is a private company specializing in energy sector.
  • Niroo Consulting Engineers Company  - is one of the most important consulting engineers  in Iran  for Design and  Engineering and consultancy services.
  • Arcatamin Engineers Companyis the production of Contruction building materials. AURING Trading Company.
  • Tuka Steel Company - Tukasteel investment company; joint stock company’ with the name of the production company staff Mobarakeh Steel. 
  • Opal Mining Company - Opal mining mineral processing Pars. Mineral and Processing and Investment Holding of Parsian Bank.
  • Tehran Oil Refining Company Production Gas, Oil, LPG, LNG. Wagon Pars Company designs and manufactures freight wagons, locomotives, and bogies.
  • Wagon Pars CompanyWagon Pars Company designs and manufactures freight wagons, locomotives, and bogies.
  • Sugar Can development Company - IS Sugar Cane and by products development co based in, Iran and are member of TradeKay, co.
  • Esfahan Oil Refining Company - Transferring Crude Oil to the refineries and export berths, Processing, production and distribution of various petroleum products throughout the country, Implementation and management of refineries, pipelines and telecommunication network projects, Providing internal and remote telecommunication systems for the entre oil industry.


  • Afghanistan is almost 2x larger than Germany

  • Area: 652,230 sq km
  • Country comparison to the world: 41
  • Border countries: China 76 km, Iran 936 km,
  • Pakistan 2,430 km, Tajikistan 1,206 km,
  • Turkmenistan 744 km, Uzbekistan 137 km
  • Lowest point: Amu Darya 258 m
  • Highest point: Nowshak 7,485 m
  • Population: 28.396 million (July 2009 est.)
  • Age structure:
  • 0-14 years: 44.5% (male 7,664,670/female 7,300,446)
  • 15-64 years: 53% (male 9,147,846/female 8,679,800)
  • 65 years and over: 2.4% (male 394,572/female 422,603) (2009 est.)
  • Afghanistan has a GDP per capita of only 800 USD and an unemployment rate of 40(!)%
  • GDP - per capita (PPP): $800 (2008 est.)
  • Country comparison to the world: 219
  • Labor force - by occupation:
  • agriculture: 80%
  • industry: 10%
  • services: 10% (2004 est.)
  • Unemployment rate: 40% (2008 est.)
  • Country comparison to the world: 185
  • Population below poverty line: 53% (2003)

Our Partners from Afghanistan

  • Ministry of Information and Culture Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    Ministry of Public Health Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    Ministry of Interior Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • ARYA NOOR LTD (Fresenuis Medical Care Germany, Thailand &Taiwan Products, Rena con Pharma UK Products in Pakistan, Plasmatec-United Kingdom Products).
  • Head Office: Kabul-Afghanistan
    Distribution: Kunduz-Afghanistan